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"I love love love this awesome book! This book is a practical and wonderful companion for my journey in understanding and incorporating esoteric and magical insights. Thanks Helen!"

Bronwen Williams,

Laughterworks Australia

"Loved it first time - loving it more in this updated edition. The author speaks from a place like home, with heart and with humour, oozing life's experiences. I love having this in my collection."

Carol Williams

"What a delightful read. I totally recommend this book as Helen has such an amazing way of simply explaining things in such a clever, witty and humorous way."

Louise Laporte

Spirit Seeds

out now!

Available now on Amazon as a paperback and eBook.


DON'T HAVE A KINDLE DEVICE? No problem! You can download a FREE Kindle reading app for you p.c. laptop or other device on the same Amazon page at this link.

For those seeking to view LIFE from a different angle...


Time for a Sea Change or a Me Change?


An inspiring collection of information and leads in the quest for meaning.

This book serves as a simple guide and reference for anyone who would like to know or understand a bit more about the greater reality around us.

It's time for you to step beyond the 3rd dimension!

This book is a comfortable bridge to understanding yourself, beyond your day-to-day view of life. From ghosts, fairies and unexplained phenomena, through to E.T.s, Earth changes, and the part you play in creating your own reality, this book will give you a simple and effective orientation into the worlds beyond our "normal" view of things and a way of strengthening your own connection to who you really are.

Your journey starts here - enjoy the ride!

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