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The Way I See it...

As a child, I loved the heightened feelings 

and the anticipation in the air at Christmas...

Pine tree smells, sparkling trinkets and 

shining tinsel, dancing merrily

in the soft candlelit breezes.

Xmas card CR.jpg

There was something too, about the sight

of masses of deep purple sequins or the

clear high-pitched 'ting' sound of a bell,

that sparked my senses and still does today.

I love looking at things that sparkle, or glitter,

or vibrate with harmony, energy, or beauty.

I can be happily mesmerised by the effect

of beautiful colours or textures

playing against each other.

onion towers.jpg

I sometimes paint, 

I sometimes create collage pictures...

My artistic style could perhaps best be described

as 'bold and colourful' and certainly simple in many ways.

 My works draw on elements of Nature, flow, form & structure

and express these in a somewhat surreal and naïve way.


  Rather than being pre-planned or sketched out beforehand,

all of my works 'compose themselves' as they are created.

 Spaces fill themselves as the works progress and

I am often surprised at what forms

bring themselves forward from

the canvas or the page.

GypsyFin CR.jpg

The interplay of contrasting colours

is the most important factor to me,

and my work (collage and painted)

is basically an excuse to put

bright colours together or

to create scenes of beauty

to draw in the viewer's eye

and stimulate the imagination.

Ten of Cups.jpg

Although it may not be considered 'proper' in art,

I cannot resist adding the occasional splash of glitter to my work.

I want the colours to express a joyousness and energy that literally sparkles.

Day Vase.jpg

 I greatly admire other artists who are

acutely accomplished in rendering fine detail,

but I could never hope to compete with their abilities in this regard.

left side& lid.jpg

I obviously take (literally)  a 'broad brush' approach

(to both art and other aspects of life) and

I admit to something of an absence

of detail or elegance.

 I do apologise

for this, but

it is




Aqua Angel2 CR.jpg

I sometimes

also use artworks and techniques

in therapeutic applications for myself and clients.

I find it useful for communication with the unconscious mind,

to combine some meditative and self-inquiry processes,

 especially while doing collage work.


I have also written a book or two as

something of an introduction,or guide

to some of the mysterious workings

of the Universal energies...

Spirit Seeds by Helen Downs front cover 2015.jpg
Paradigm - Front Cover.jpg

The cover of my book

A Handful of Seeds

also features one of my collages.


Generally, I'm happy creating various artworks

or working on other creative projects with

a general intention to uplift & inspire.

Should you have a need or desire for

 works like you see here, please do

not hesitate to contact me.

Click Here to email me

I live on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

I know my work is not to everyone's taste, but

if you enjoy it, I'd of course

love to hear from you!

All the best,


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