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Book Covers & Film Posters

I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to create some covers and materials for authors in Australia & the USA, as well as posters and graphics for film and documentary makers ... and for myself too. Here are some of these works...

Exassibon poster A.jpg
Blackstart poster.jpg
Bruno poster.jpg
Titanic a Perfect Crime both COVERs (2016_09_02 01_27_58 UTC) (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC).jp
Jekyl cover.jpg
Titanic a Perfect Crime LAST BACK COVER (2016_09_02 01_27_58 UTC) (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC
Front Cover Titanic - a Perfect  Crime with foreword (2016_09_02 01_27_58 UTC) (2018_08_24
American empire poster.jpg
JI F&B covers with spine.jpg
Offline Poster.jpg
Three Dollar Front Cover FINAL.jpg
Cover - ESP Inductionby Richard Alan Miller.jpg
DIAMOND white RAM.jpg
Preview draft covers (2016_09_06 07_41_26 UTC) (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC).jpg
Fromt & Back covers (2020_04_24 08_19_16 UTC).jpg
Project Parafile F&B Covers 3.jpg
Stress Management workbook  by Richard Alan Miller.jpg
NLM - FRONT & Back covers.jpg
ELECTRO Map version.jpg
Yogatronics draft BB.jpg
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