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Chairs, Doors & Stuff...

Sometimes I get the overwhelming urge to paint bare wood in bright colours, so old chairs and other bits of furniture are always at risk!

Here are some examples...

front door2.jpg
Fin 1.jpg

This is a Traffic Signal Box I painted on 1st May 2012 at Brisbane Rd. Mooloolaba, as part of the Urban Smart TSB project here in Queensland.

Great fun!

Fin L.jpg
Fin R.jpg

Handpainted acoustic guitar

1509966155227 (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC).JPEG
DSC_0168 (2020_04_24 08_19_16 UTC).JPG
DSC_0113 (2019_07_08 05_47_09 UTC).JPG
DSC_0115 (2019_07_08 05_47_09 UTC).JPG
DSC_0114 (2019_07_08 05_47_09 UTC).JPG

Music by Michael Franks ~ Samba Do Soho

awning Le Bistro Jardin 2.jpg

 Also in Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba is an authentic (and gluten-free/organic) French Bistro where some of my works were displayed...

"Le Bistro Jardin" (Now "Bin 106" ) is at 106 Brisbane Road, just down the road (coincidentally) from the traffic signal box. Before the Bistro changed names, there was set of 8 stools and two tables out the front for al fresco dining, which I enjoyed painting.

I also did their logo and sign designs and had my artwork decorating their walls for several years... And what artist doesn't enjoy having a fabulous  little French Bistro to pop into!

8 set stools.jpg
collage-1543156363530 (2019_07_08 05_55_05 UTC).jpg
DSC_0042 (2019_07_08 05_55_05 UTC).JPG
_20180525_201949 (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC).JPG
collage-1535204991853 (2019_04_18 06_06_26 UTC).jpg
_20180614_005408 (2018_08_24 11_59_57 UTC).JPG

Other Chairs, Tables & Stuff...


Picnic table at a local nursery at Glasshouse Mountains 

table geometric2.jpg
table geometric3.jpg
table geometric1.jpg
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