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These images are constructed with clippings from magazines or other books.

By moving pieces around the page, the correct positions present themselves for different parts.

I learned a lot about how to understand painting perspective by doing these collages too. 

Aladdin Final.jpg

Hope you enjoy exploring the gallery below.

Click on the images for full pictures.

'Greek Isles'

This collage is the first one I did (in 1999) where, instead of randomly putting objects on a page, I sought to arrange them consciously, to create a cohesive picture. I discovered that by combining an old English street, a Queenslander verandah and some Whitsunday's waters, the effect was distinctly Mediterranean! Previously, I had used collages without thought of order, but rather as explorations of what the subconscious would choose to cut out and place on a page...

Sea Villa 2
Bronze Angel
Moon Towers
Mandala collage2
Red House
Mandala collage1
Man in the Mirror
Sea Villa
Serene Pool
Nova Dream
Aladdin's Cave
A Place to Be
Dream Tree

This is a collage that was cut from magazine pictures and then enhanced and altered on the computer.

Clouds of Magellan
Gypsy Home
Xmas Things
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