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Computer Works, Concepts and other Idle Amusements...

2012 Reset.jpg

Mainly as a means of self amusement and teaching myself how to perform various functions on the computer, I often manipulate photographs or other pictures. These are a few examples... (with apologies to friends & family members who appear in various reworked Christmas cards!)

This page is for ones I do for fun... On THIS OTHER PAGE you can find ones I've made for books, films and more serious endeavours... (which were also fun.)

When this thought crossed my mind. I just couldn't resist making this pic ...

Dali Llama Dalai Lama.jpg

All these self-portraits of history's great artists called to me one night in May, 2013 . They demanded I get them all together for a reunion of sorts. And this is what came out, some time later that night...

Group portrait 3rd May 2013 c Helen M Do

Collaborations with Artist & Cartoonist, Jane Harty

I went to high school with my good friend Jane Harty, who is a brilliant cartoonist and illustrator. We collaborate sometimes, on rainy days. Over the years, Jane has put some of my ideas into cartoon form, like this one, which still gives me a giggle ... 


Her website deserves a look too... You can find it at the end of this click:

HArty cartoon.jpg

And speaking of old school mates... Here's good ol' Michele  - Or Patsy as we call her!

Fabulous, as always, in her many incarnations.

Michele Cover-2.jpg

The CAT Nebula

tHE cat nEBULA.jpg

And finally, I bring you my pièce de résistance ... (lol)


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