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Arts Resume


My style is best described as bold and colourful. My works draw on elements of Nature and structure and express these in a somewhat surreal and naïve form. The interplay of contrasting colours is an important factor in my work, as is the creation of scenes of beauty to draw in the viewer's eye and stimulate imagination.



Apart from creating decorative eye-catching pieces, the works and techniques are used by me in therapeutic applications for myself and others I work with. I find it useful for communication with the unconscious mind to combine some meditative and self-inquiry processes, especially while doing collage and other work.




Acrylic Paints

Chalk Pastels

Oil Pastels





Abstract & Naïve Art

Painted chairs, tables and furniture

Bold floral and aesthetic works in acrylic

Mandala designs in acrylic and in collage

Computer graphic / digital / photo collage  work

Print designs for clothing, shoes and accessories.

 I have a collection of works in different styles and

from different time periods and have made many 

for private commissions.

I do this for enjoyment

and am happy

to share







Apart from taking art as a subject in High School, I am predominantly self-taught, learning new techniques and understandings through trial and error and repeated works. After a period, for instance, of doing a lot of collage work, I found my understandings of how to create perspective and proportionate sizing to be enhanced when I returned to paintings. I find that self taught art is a good means of meditative development and have been astonished by what information and techniques make themselves available directly and intuitively, in the course of applied art creation. I do not pre-plan my works but allow them to 'make themselves up' as I go along, with surprising results, even to me. 


Bits and pieces from over the years...

  • From primary to tertiary schools I wrote, composed, directed and performed in, various plays, skits and musicals.

  • During my late high school years in the 70's, I contributed regular comedy spots including the "Ross Weed Night Time Surf Report" on Ray MacGregor's radio show on 4BK in Brisbane.

  • As a law student at the (then) Q.I.T.  I was engaged by the Head of the Law School to write a mock trial for orientation week entertainment. The play featured a cast of 21 characters  and ran successfully for performances in 1980 and by request, was repeated in the following year as well.

  • A series of satirical articles written at Law School were published in the Queensland Law Society Journal, Dec. 1982. 

  • I was a writer and performer (live and pre-recorded) of comedy sketches, songs and satires on Brisbane breakfast radio (Triple M) in 1989/90 with Alan McGirvan.

  • I have written advertising and entertainment material for radio, television and print media as a copywriter / production assistant between 1995 and 2005 - working primarily with my 1st husband (now deceased) Neil Timmins who was responsible (amongst other things) for coming up with the iconic tourism campaign: "Queensland - Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next!"

  • I continue to the present, providing copywriting, graphic art and creative consultant services for clients locally and around the world. My words and designs have been used in applications from business cards and promotional materials to movie posters, book covers and social media banners and website designs. 

  • My book, entitled A Handful of Seeds (an introductory guide to some of life's mysteries), was released in September 2008. Published by Melrose Press, UK. My collage art is featured on the cover of this book.

  • A second edition entitled Spirit Seeds was subsequently released in 2015.

  • A short fiction story entitled "The Paradigm" was published in October, 2020.

  • In the musical arena, I studied piano and music theory in earlier years and completed 5th grade theory and 6th grade pianoforte examinations to a high standard. 

  • I compose pieces and songs from time to time.

  • I have been performing as a vocalist, mainly in the jazz genre, since 2016. 

  • Two song tracks I performed and recorded (one written by me) appeared in the feature film BRUNO, which played in theatres in New York and Los Angeles for a week in 2020.



  • My painted Traffic Signal Box is located on Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba Qld. It was decorated as part of the Urban Smart project. 

  • A collection of my painted and collage works were on display at LE BISTRO JARDIN, Mooloolaba, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. (106 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba). I also designed logos and signage for that business. 2011 - 2015

  • A collection of works was exhibited in the BEERWAH PUBLIC LIBRARY over the months of August & September, 2010.

  • A painted eco-friendly coffin and other of my works were exhibited in two consecutive (fortnight each) exhibitions entitled "Tree Change, Sea Change, Coffins Change" held in July and August, 2009 at the BUTTER FACTORY ART GALLERY, Cooroy, Qld and then at the BLUE HOUSE ART GALLERY at Landsborough, Qld. I was one of seven artists selected to render an eco-friendly recycled carboard coffin in a style of my choosing.

  •  A rotating selection of my collages, chairs and paintings were on display and sale from 2002 to 2006 in the shop gallery at YADA YADA YADA!, Greenslopes, Brisbane.

  •  In August 1993 I curated and exhibited works with two other artists, over a weekend  in  a private family exhibition at CAMP HILL, Brisbane. 

  •  I exhibited at LOURDES HILL COLLEGE, Hawthorne, Brisbane, Annual Art Exhibitions on 2 occasions in the 1980's.

  •  I hold occasional collage 'play-day' workshops for private students and small groups. 

  • Fashion items that I am designing and developing are in the works...


Elfin Gold Boots


Creative Devotions

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